Instructions to get the most out of this album:
This album will be best experienced and enjoyed if you listen to it all the way through without stopping while you are sitting, undistracted, in your favorite chair, or lying in bed, early in the morning or late at night with the lights down low. It is a personal, intimate, live concert recorded just for you!


Martin Luther (10-04-1530)
“I really believe, nor am I ashamed to assert, that next to theology, there is no art equal to music. [Describing] music is like trying to paint a great subject on a small canvas, which turns out merely drab. But my love for music abounds! It has often refreshed me and freed me from great troubles. Music is a noble gift of God next to theology!”


Literally, every aspect of this music CD was a gift given to me. That’s why it is a free gift given to you. Please burn copies and share this with a friend in need!

Thank you to Doug Smith, Chad Oltman, Kathy Grunditz, Christina Nieman. Your contributions made this possible. Thank you David Darling, this artist’s generous benefactor!

Special thanks to those unknown persons who left that new Taylor guitar on my porch. These songs were played on it.

Thank you precious family for holding me up in my most difficult days.

Thank you pain for you birthed these songs.


Download the tracks below.  License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5