Welcome to Building Strong Disciples.

30 years ago, I hit a wall in my Christian life that I just couldn’t seem to get over, but my life was wonderfully and radically changed by taking seven taped messages and listening to one of them every day for a year. God used two verses from the Bible in my life that year: Romans 12:2 which tells us we can be “transformed by the renewing of our mind,” and Romans 10:17 which tells us that “faith comes by hearing.” These verses directed me into a course of action. I had been reading my Bible for years, and had been greatly helped by that habit, but little did I realize how much my life could change by listening to truths shared in a powerful way on a little cassette tape. Using these two verses as my guide and inspiration, I applied this knowledge diligently and my life has not been the same since.

Today, cassette tapes have become a thing of the past and the internet has brought great convenience. This website has a collection of messages I have given over the last 24 years. The site has been created in a way to allow you to easily find messages by choosing a topic of your choice. Browse by category on the right side or search by keyword at the top of the page. New messages are added on a regular basis so this website will continually grow. Be sure to subscribe to the site so you are informed when new messages are added. And if you surf the web on your mobile device, the site is mobile-friendly, you can download the messages on the go!

My greatest prayer and desire is that God may use these messages to inspire and encourage your faith in the way they did for me years ago. I pray they equip you and make you strong as you follow Jesus Christ. I pray that you might gain great insight and wisdom, and that through hearing, believing, applying and obeying the truths you discover here, your life might bring great honor and glory to Jesus Christ. May you become a strong disciple.

May God richly bless and use your life.

Pastor Mark Darling